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Who the heck are you people?

She's Queenie and I'm Jahnya. We met in the spring of 2013 in connection with a Sherlock Holmes convention. (You'll hear us mention it from time to time...221B Con in Atlanta, GA!) We found that we shared not only a love of Holmes and Watson, but a love of many television shows and movies. In the end it was determined we also shared a brain so it's a good thing we found each other!


Remember in cartoons when one kid would get on another’s shoulders and they’d wear a trench coat and pretend to be an adult? Yeah, that should give you an indication of the kind of adult I am. I’m the one usually doing the recap part of our little shindig. I’m a giant nerd and I love talking about all the things we love. My fave characters are my babies and I ship lots of stuff. Give my Tumblr blog a look see if you’re really curious about all that.

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I'm the research department for the most part. When I watch a show (any show) I tend to look for references to, well, just about anything. I've studied the occult and supernatural off and on since elementary school so I tend to get offended when a show screws up a mythology, you have been warned (stupid headstone). I borrowed my brother's comics (both Marvel and DC, but I prefer Marvel) when we were kids, sometimes I even asked! Now I have my own digital collection. My all time favorite comic is ElfQuest. I do not know everything about anything, so forgive me if I make mistakes. I try to post my research links in the show notes of our casts.

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