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Doctor Strange (2016)

In which Benedict goes against his regular characters and is an aloof genius...oh wait. In which Tilda plays a normal person...crap. In which Mads feels the Winter Soldier look is cool. Yeah! So, when did Harry Potter become a part of the MCU? 

Queenie and Jahnya discuss what they think about the second movie of Marvel's Cinematic Universe phase three set, Doctor Strange. Now sponsored by Unofficial Natural Fandom Fragrances! Use code RANDOMTEAPODCAST to get 10% off an order of $5 or more!

WARNING: There are possible spoilers in the cast and below for all released MCU movies as of November 2016!!

The comics we reference are:

  • Strange Tales #111 (1963) first appearance
  • Strange Tales #115 (1963), Doctor Strange #169 (1968) Origin
  • Doctor Strange The Oath 1-5 (2007) Wong & Night Nurse
  • Doctor Strange Season One #1 (2011)
  • Strange Tales #148 (1966) The Ancient One origin
  • Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #6-8 (1989) Mordo origin
  • Strange Tales #130 (1965) Kaecilius first appearance

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