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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The story that split a fandom in half. Who's side are you on? Team Cap? Team Iron Man? Let's be honest, I think we're all Team Black Panther.

Queenie and Jahnya discuss what they think about the first movie of Marvel's Cinematic Universe phase three set, Captain America: Civil War. Now sponsored by Unofficial Natural Fandom Fragrances! Use code RANDOMTEAPODCAST to get 10% off an order of $5 or more!

WARNING: There are possible spoilers in the cast and below for all released MCU movies as of May 2016!!

The comics we reference are:

  • Civil War #1-7 (2006)
  • Captain America (vol 5) #8-9, 11-14 (2005) (but I suggest starting with #1)
  • Spider-Man 1st appearance - Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)
  • Amazing Spider Man (vol 3) #532-538 (2006)
  • Black Panther 1st appearance - Fantastic Four (vol 1) #52 (1966)
  • Black Panther (vol 4) 18-25 (2006)
  • Everett Ross debuted in Ka-Zar Vol. 4, #17 (1998)
  • Helmut Zemo 1st appearance - Caprain America #168 (1973)
  • Red Hulk 1st Appearance - Hulk #23 (2010)
  • Bucky and Daisy fans should read the Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier (2014) series

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