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S1E4 - The Lesser Key of Solomon

In this episode our Big Bad is finally revealed, Ichabod changes history and it's revealed that Jenny is already heavily involved (and armed).  Also, Jahnya gets so excited by the research that she totally misses the connection between Ichabod's involvement with the 37th Regiment and Item 37.

Queenie and Jahnya discuss what they thought about the forth episode of season one for Sleepy Hollow. Please note this was recorded after season two had aired. We did our best not to spoil other episodes. If we made a slip we beg your forgiveness.


  • The Lesser Key of Solomon by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley [1904] which is BASED on the original manuscripts, but modernized to be used as a working document, not as a translation.
  • Boston Harbor 12/16/1773 and Jahnya states that the Queen's Royal Regiment didn't arrive until 1776, but while looking for that link this was found. They may never have been there at all.
  • The rest is easily found on Wikipedia

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