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Sleepy Hollow

Coming Soon: Sleepy Hollow Season 2

Hello, Sleepyheads!

We just wanted to let you know that we'll be back with Season 2 casts in a few weeks. The plan is to release all of S2 before S3 premieres on October 1st.


We're also going to have a S3 preview cast where we can wildly speculate about what's coming up in Sleepy Hollow. So if you have any S3 theories that you want to get on the record books before S3 goes live, then shoot us an email. We want to hear all your theories and casting wishes!

S1E1 - Pilot

The episode where it all began. Revolutionary Ichabod Crane awakens to a whole New World, but not the New World he was expecting. FBI recruit Abigail Mills finds that her life is changing forever, but not for the reasons she once believed.

Queenie and Jahnya discuss what they thought about the pilot episode of season one for Sleepy Hollow. Please note this was recorded after season two had aired. We did our best not to spoil other episodes. If we made a slip we beg your forgiveness.

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